Oh No My Money

Oh No

Credit Card

+$29.90 graph

Student Loans

-$19,398.52 graph

My Money


+$730.77 graph


+$4,000.00 graph

Net Worth

-$14,637.85 graph

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Sadly, ohnomymoney.com has been broken since the middle of 2010, as Wesabe, whose bank scrapers and API it depended on, has shut down.

In its two years, I never suffered any professional or personal inconvenience or embarassment as a result of having my balances posted online. It did appear in the New York Times Magazine, which is pretty sweet.

Marc Hedlund, Wesabe's CEO, wrote an excellent post-mortem on why Wesabe lost to Mint and the state of online money management in general, that I found both depressing and motivating.